Coffee can have bundles of exciting flavour and character, and our shop is about brewing and offering the most desirable, and simply stunning coffees that we can find. What's available changes weekly and is influenced massively by the fact that coffee tastes better if you embrace the seasonality of coffee growing.

Espresso Coffee

Intense little drinks


The espresso method is synonymous with Italy and dark bitter tough drinks laden with sugar. Speciality coffee however, makes the most of this method to deliver complex, balanced and intense little drinks with natural sweetness and desirable acidity. The three espressos we have on will also combine beautifully with steamed milk. The flavour notes in store are presented for the espresso on its own, along with separate notes for how it tastes with steamed milk.

The Brew Bar

Elegant and aromatic


Filter gets a bad rap and is seen as espresso's inferior sidekick. But it should be known that all of the worlds most valued coffees are graded as a filter style coffee. There is nowhere for the coffee to hide. It's arguable that filter coffee requires everything to be spot on, right through from crop to cup. When approached like this, they are worlds apart from free filter refills. They are complex and aromatic. The results are exciting and because of the huge difference to commercial coffee, the filters we serve are recommended black and develop flavour and sweetness as they cool down.

You will see coffees making an appearance from a variety of countries if they are in season and display speciality flavour. The coffees we have on will change weekly and are sourced from the country's leading roasteries.