Every member of our team has taken part in these competitions in some way or other. They are representative of the pursuit of coffee's possibility. They have the opportunity to be a challenging and rewarding outlet for those with a passion for speciality coffee as well as a learning experience that is intertwined with the speciality coffee community.


Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

UK Barista Champion 2014 & 2012, World Finalist 2014 & 2012

I often describe this competition as coffee making crossed with a Ted Talk and a soundtrack. Each competitor's routine is highly practised and choreographed. In fifteen minutes they must prepare 4 espresso, 4 cappuccino and 4 signature drinks for the 4 sensory judges. Theres a lot of of different marking sections, through from communication of the espressos character and flavour, to the milk quality of the cappuccino and the synergy that the ingredients added for the signature drink have with the coffee.

Q Grader Qualification

This is the speciality coffee industry's toughest tasting qualification. It is essentially a tasting-driven week long exam. The purpose of the course is to assess the student's ability to accurately assess coffee as well as to certify them as a speciality coffee professional.

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Young British Foodie Award

The YBF's look to reward and support foodies that innovate and invigorate different aspects of the food and drink Landscape. Our winning presentation in 2012 was about how we have used our store as a means of redefining what a coffee drinking experience can be.

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Other Awards & Features

  • Rated the top coffee shop in the UK by Cosy Coffee Shops
  • Included in "must visit" lists by both the Telegraph and Independent
  • Bath Life Best Coffee Shop Award 2013


Peter Attridge

UK Latte Art Champion 2012

Competitors are judged on the complexity and symmetry of their patterns as well as their ability to replicate the same pattern.



Jason Gonzalez

UK Cup Tasters Champion 2014 & 2013, World Semi-Finalist 2013

A taste the difference challenge. There are 8 triangle tests per round. The competitor has topick the odd one out in each set of three coffees and if there is a draw, the fastest time wins.



Seb Stephenson

UK Brewers Cup Champion 2014

This competition focuses on filter coffee and its nuances. Participants prepare 3 filter coffees on stage for three sensory judges, the coffees are marked for quality and consistency across the three, and the brewer is marked on their presentation, explanation and knowledge.


Alongside these industry specific awards, we are also very proud to have received recognition from various other areas that reflect the fact our business is not just about the pursuit of great coffee but also about presenting to and engaging with people over speciality coffee.